Did you know? You can hold two fingers on the map to measure distances.
Tap the blue dot that shows your location to quickly find useful points of interest around you.
Tap the radar button in any list to view the 25 nearest entries around you.


Are map downloads free?

Two free maps downloads are included (five if you upgraded from the previous OffMaps). Additional downloads cost $0.99 / €0.89 for three maps. You can also purchase a map flat rate for a one-time payment which is transferable between devices (users of the flat rate in OffMaps 1 get the new one at a special price). We update our maps frequently (about every two weeks) and serve updates for free. We hope for your understanding that we need to cover our server costs in order to continue to provide reliable updates and maps.

Are Wikipedia city guides free?

Yes, once you have downloaded a map you can download the corresponding Wikipedia content for free. This includes several hundred of the most important articles for a region or city with geo-referenced information, plus all article photos. You can download Wikipedia content in English, French, German or Spanish for most maps.

How often do you update maps?

We update our maps and Wikipedia content regularly depending on the amount of changes in the area.
All updates are free to download.

How do I transfer the flatrate to a new iOS device?

Simply open the Downloads tab of OffMaps' map store and tap the "... View account" button. At the bottom you will find a button labelled "Restore Flatrate". Tap this button and then enter your iTunes Account and password that you used when you initially bought the flatrate.

Why can I only download maps for predefined areas?

OffMaps² uses vector data to render maps on device and to provide an offline search. This drastically reduces the file size and download times, while at the same time improving display quality on retina screens and providing more ways to display the data (public transport maps, etc.). In order to provide these rich and compact maps, we need to pre-process the data on our servers. We clean up OpenStreetMap data, link points of interest and addresses to streets and add some more of our magic sauce. Unfortunately this process is somewhat time-consuming and could not be done for every user's preferred region on demand. Because most users tend to download the same areas, we have decided to provide maps only in predefined areas. We are however always extending our maps library. If something is missing, let us know. Browse our offline maps library directly on our website and you will see that we cover many areas.

Will my data be lost when I delete the app or individual maps?

When you delete the app all data (maps, Wikipedia articles and bookmarks) are lost. The map download tokens may also not be recoverable after you have deleted the app. If you own the map flatrate, you can easily restore it anytime when you re-install OffMaps².

If you delete an individual map from OffMaps², you lose all map data, bookmarks and wikipedia Articles. You can however re-download the map for free later (as long as you do not delete the app).

Can I synchronise maps between my devices?

This is unfortunately not possible at this point. Maps, bookmarks and map download tokens are not synchronised between devices. This is also due to the fact that maps files are quite large. If you own more than one device, we highly recommend to purchase the download flatrate as it can easily be transferred between devices.

Is it fair to charge for free data?

We do not charge for the data, but for the service we provide around it. We clean the data and leverage its full potential; this includes removing unneeded information, linking addresses with streets, providing a public transport layer and adding our own curated travel guides for select cities. We also need money to feed the hamsters in our server farm treadmills. If you want to pay once and not be bothered again, try our flatrate. We thank you for your ongoing support.


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