Offline Map of Paris - Tour Eiffel

Full featured map

Browse a full featured offline map on your device and find your way around town. OffMaps provides an offline search, map, bookmarks and much more.

Offline search - magnifying glass showing Lombard Street in San Francisco

Offline search

Search the map for streets, points of interests, sights and addresses where available. Everything works offline: OffMaps is more than a map viewer.

Retina maps - OffMaps renders maps on device in high resolution

Retina ready

All maps are rendered on device from OpenStreetMap data reducing the file size while dramatically improving the display quality.

Picture or Lucerne Chapel bridge with Wikipedia Marker: offline wikipedia articles


Discover nearby Wikipedia articles and read full articles (including images) offline. OffMaps provides articles for thousands of destinations.

Offline public transport map

Public transport

In many cities OffMaps provides public transport overlays for buses, trams, subways, metro, etc.

Universal app: offline maps for both iPhone and iPad

Universal app

OffMaps works great on both iPhone and iPad: buy it once and install it on all your iOS devices.